The best hooks for wacky rig-The wacky rig is one of the simplest and most effective bass fishing rigs of all time.

Something about its distinct action attracts fish even on the toughest of days.

Choosing the right type and size of hook is one of the keys to catching and landing fish on the wacky rig. With so many different hook types, sizes, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know which hook to use.

A Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook in 1/0 or 2/0 is the best overall hook to use on a wacky rig. This is a strong hook with a short shank that is ideal for finesse fishing techniques such as the wacky rig. This hook’s sharpness, low profile, and overall quality make it an excellent choice for any angler fishing a wacky rig for bass.

Although I use this hook 90% of the time when throwing a wacky rig, there are a few other specialized hooks that are better suited for specific situations.

In this article, I’ll go over the various types of wacky rig hooks, when to use each one, and other tips and tricks for catching more bass with a wacky rig.

Let’s get started.

The Best Hooks for Wacky Rig

hooks for wacky rig
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Fishing a wacky rig senko is one of my favorite finesse bass fishing techniques. It’s a technique I’ve used in tournaments as well as recreational fishing with family and friends. I’ve caught a lot of fish on this rig, and I’m very confident in it.

However, when I first started throwing the wacky rig, I had no idea what hooks I needed to use or how important they were to my overall success.

Years of experimenting and making mistakes have taught me which wacky rig hooks to use and when to use each based on a variety of factors.

Here are the hooks for wacky rig that I recommend for each bass fishing application.

Wide Gap Finesse Hooks

Source: Gamakatsu Hooks

The finesse wide gap hook is probably the one I end up using the most and have had the most success with. This hook is ideal for wacky rigging in shallow water (10ft or less) and in areas with little cover.

In terms of hook size, I prefer a 1/0 but will use a 2/0 if I am fishing with larger fish or want a wacky rig to fall faster. This is a strong hook designed to keep bass pinned and works well with the wacky rig.

Weedless Finesse Hook with a Wide Gap

A wide gap finesse weedless hook is the best wacky rig hook to use when fishing in and around grass and cover. This hook has a built-in weed guard at the top that keeps grass and other debris off your bait and hook.

Will you still be snagged and disconnected? Of course, the weed guard will make your life much easier when working around vegetation and structure. This is the hook I prefer to use on my wacky rig when fishing around grass and other structure where a standard wacky rig will get hung up.

Wacky Jig Head from the G-Finesse Series

When the fish are deep or you want a more reaction bite, a wacky rig jig head can be an excellent way to catch them. This hook is distinguished from the others on this list by the presence of a weighted jig head at the top of the hook. Because of the extra weight, your bait will sink faster, allowing you to fish this rig in deeper water.

In addition to the added weight, this hook has a weed guard to keep you from getting hung up. This will be useful when fishing around grass, cover, and various types of structure.

Now that we’ve discussed what I believe to be the three best hooks to use on a wacky rig, let’s talk about the various factors you should consider when deciding which hook to use on your wacky rig.

Consider the following factors when choosing a hook for a wacky rig:

How to Pick a Crazy Rig Hook

Size of the bait

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The size of the bait you intend to throw is an important factor to consider when deciding which hook to use on your wacky rig setup. For me, I usually throw a 5″ Yamamoto Senko. In most cases, I prefer a 1/0 hook for this size of bait. If I’m throwing a larger Senko or targeting trophy fish, I’ll increase my hook size to 2/0 or 3/0. The larger size will keep your hooks from bending out and will help your bait sink faster.

Coverage type

Another important factor to consider when choosing a wacky rig hook is the type of cover or lack thereof. I prefer to keep things simple.

In situations where I’m fishing in or around grass or another type of structure. I like to use a weed guard on a wacky rig hook. It doesn’t completely eliminate weeds, but it does a good job of keeping your bait clean and preventing it from becoming entangled. When fishing in open water, I prefer the standard finessed wide gap hook.

The size of the fish

One of the most agonizing aspects of bass fishing is watching a monster bass slip away due to a bent hook. Don’t make this mistake; it will haunt you for a long time.

If you are specifically targeting big bass or visiting a fishery that has them, choose a strong hook that will allow you to land your next personal best.


When using a wacky rig, the depth at which you are fishing can have a significant impact on the type of hook you should use. A standard finesse wide gap hook is the best choice for fishing a wacky rig in shallow water (less than 10 feet deep).

When fishing in deeper water (10ft or more), a wacky jig head can be more effective. You get the same exciting action, but your fall rate is much faster. Allowing you to fish deeper and closer to where the bass may be.

Size of the Best Wacky Rig Hook

When looking for hooks for your wacky rig, you’ll notice how many different styles and options are available. I’ve experimented with numerous products and hook sizes. Everyone has their own preferences, but I believe that a 1/0 or 2/0 hook is the best overall hook size to use for a wacky rig. These two sizes should cover almost any stick bait you’d like to use on a wacky rig.

Rigging a Wacky Rig

Rigging a wacky rig is fairly simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind that can make a significant difference.

Here are five simple steps to setting up a wack rig:

  • Gather your tackle (senko, O-ring/wacky rig tool, hook).
  • Insert bait into wacky rig tool.
  • Attach an O-ring to the plastic bait.
  • Set the hook just beneath the O-ring.
  • You’re all set to go fishing.

Last Thoughts

The hook is one of the most important parts of a great wacky rig setup. Having the right size and type of hook will help you consistently hook and land more bass.