The Best Bass Fishing Apps-Bass anglers are constantly on the lookout for that extra something that will give them an advantage. Modern technology has provided many opportunities for fishermen to take advantage of intel and data that can provide a wealth of useful information that can put you on the fish faster than ever before.

Fishing apps come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of functions.

Many fishing apps allow you to log your fish catches, while others use predictive technology to forecast the best fishing days ahead. Some platforms offer robust weather functionality, whereas others are social media and spot sharing apps that allow you to share information with other anglers. Finally, some bass fishing apps are more commercial in nature, with paid services such as professional tips and/or news, as well as platforms for buying and selling tackle and gear.

Below is a list of some of the best bass fishing apps that deserve special attention. You’ll find an explanation for each app, as well as tips on how to use them to help you plan fishing trips or make adjustments while on the water. The majority of the fishing apps listed below are free. Some companies provide premium or pro versions.

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Best Bass Fishing Apps

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Source: Bassforecast

Bassforecast is the best fishing weather app because its predictions are based on moon phase, seasonal changes, air pressure, sky conditions, and wind effects, all of which are supported by AccuWeather data. It also includes real-time updates to keep up with changes in the above-mentioned fishing variables.

Examines the factors that influence bass activity (feeding).

Fishing advice is based on the predicted temperament of bass based on weather, season, and other factors, as well as real-time updates based on changes in the location’s conditions.

The app not only predicts bass feeding intensity, but it also offers tactics and lure selection advice.

The app provides a BassForecast Rating for the next ten days in any location you choose around the world.

The BassForecast premium edition provides users with an upgraded app that includes the following features:

10 days of ratings, forecast, and “Adapted Patterns,” which provide anglers with bait, presentation, and location suggestions, including top 5 baits, structure to fish, fishing tips, and more.

Access information about the moon, including major and minor feeding times.

Access the last 10 days of weather data to learn how rain and temperature may have affected your target location.

With live access to radar, you can keep an eye on impending weather changes, including storms, while on the water.

Keep track of 10 of your favorite fishing spots so you can choose the best one.

Push Notifications for upcoming fishing days that look promising.

Store information about your fish catches quickly, including pictures, conditions, and dates, which you can share or not.


Fishbrain is an excellent app because it includes logging, mapping, forecasting, and real-time updates. It also has over 10 million users, providing a large and active community of users with whom to network and share information.

With over 9 million logged catches, Fishbrain is widely regarded as the industry leader.

To target the best areas, use the app to reference logged (by all platform users) fish catches.

App users have access to an active community where they can discuss and explore the best lures, presentations, and fishing locations.

The app provides real-time updates and allows you to follow trending hotspots.

Log your catches to keep track of your personal statistics. Aids in the identification of historical trends.

The following add-ons are included in Pro (paid features):

  • Best lures and baits
  • Exact fishing locations
  • Forecast for fishing
  • Groups and private waypoints
  • depth chart

Major League Fishing App

Source: Google Play

Live coverage of the Bass Pro Tour, including weigh-ins from the Big 5 events.

Follow the Bass Pro Tour, Toyota Series, College and High School Events, and other MLF circuits.

Learn from the best, including pros such as Jacob Wheeler and Kevin VanDam.


Access fishing spots, including nearby catch data and fishing forecasts.

A social platform for fishermen to meet and share information.

Clubs and friend groups can use this social platform to share catches, plan trips, and so on.

Weather forecast for 7 days, including tide, wind, and water temperature.

Keep track of your personal catches, as well as the current weather conditions.

Set up a tackle box and tag your catches with the bait you used.

Waypoints can be tagged with photos and text information.

Bass U TV

Source: Bass U TV

Bass fishing tips, tricks, and strategies from world-class professional bass fishermen.

Subscription-based. This service has been used by me. It’s jam-packed with content and expertly produced by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, and others.

Over 700 videos are available. Every week, new videos are added.

There are no commercials.

Regular live broadcasts are included. Members of Bass U can ask questions and win prizes.

Discounts on products from a wide range of manufacturers, including Rapala, VMC, and others.

Prices begin at $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year.


Keep track of your catches and keep a fishing log for future reference.

Maintain and track your tackle by scanning barcodes or manually entering information. Keep track of the quantities so you never run out.

A social platform for connecting with other anglers, complete with chat and messaging features.

Keep up with the latest fishing news.

Learn by watching tips videos that are regularly uploaded.

Publicly or privately, share catch information with other anglers.

Tournaments can be hosted or joined using the platform.

Brian Latimer, an MLF pro, recommended it.

The Bottom Line

The best way to sift through the plethora of options is to download apps, try them out, and see which ones fit your needs. These apps can be extremely useful, but they can also be extremely overwhelming. Before deciding which apps to keep, spend some time getting to know them.

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