What’s the cheapest bass boats with quality? Bass boats can be quite costly, but they do not have to be. Manufacturers offer a variety of budget-friendly options based on the types of waters you fish and the distance you travel.

These are the five models that are currently available. Some are made of aluminum, while others are made of fiberglass. Complete specifications and breakdowns are provided below.

How I Chosen This List

There are numerous types of boats on the market. I only looked at models that were at least 17 feet long and had a minimum motor option of 60 horsepower.


Smaller boats, less than 17 feet, lose a lot of the storage and deck space that bass anglers crave. If you’re looking for Fast Bass Boats, we’ve also compiled some of the best options for you.

The Cheapest Bass Boats Selection

Tracker Pro Team 175TXW Tournament Edition: $22,020.

cheapest bass boats
Source: Tracker Boats

For a long time, Tracker has been selling aluminum bass boats. The standard Pro Team 175TXW is marketed as America’s Best-Selling Bass Boat.

The Tournament Edition has a few extra features that cater to the bass angler who wants the most boat for his money.

For starters, the Tournament Edition includes upgraded electronics over the standard Pro Team 175TXW. On the bow is a Lowrance® HOOK2 5 Combo swivel color fishfinder with SplitShotTM transducer and GPS, and at the console is a Lowrance® HOOK2 5 Combo swivel color fishfinder with TripleShotTM transducer and GPS.

In addition, the Tournament Edition model comes with three batteries: two for the 24v trolling motor and one for the cranking battery and accessories. This rig also includes a 3-Bank onboard battery charger, which the standard 175 TXW does not.

This package boat is powered by a 60hp Mercury ELPT 4 Stroke engine. The boat is rated for a 75hp engine, which I would strongly recommend upgrading to. This adds about $1,600 to the initial cost, but I believe most anglers would appreciate the extra power and performance.

I’ve had an older standard model 175 TXW for many years and it’s been a good performer for the price.

Here’s a link to Tracker’s website so you can look around.

Ranger RT188P: $27,495

Ranger Boats has long been a player in the aluminum bass boat market. If you’re wondering what the “P” in the model number stands for, it stands for pad hull. Instead of the “V” shaped hull running the length of the boat, the bottom flattens out to form a pad. This design can be found on many high-end bass boats and provides improved performance and efficiency.

If desired, the RT188P is designed and ready for an angler to upgrade to shallow water anchors. While this does raise the price, it is a useful option to have. Many transoms on smaller aluminum bass boats are not designed or rated to support this extra weight.

A shallow water anchor system could be added after purchase and would be a useful option.

The RT188P also has port and center rod lockers that can accommodate a variety of rod lengths. The center rod locker easily accommodates 8 rods up to 8’6″ in length.

Fiberglass has been used in three places in the design: the console, the bow panel, and a third seat/step. These features contribute to the sleek and stylish appearance of this aluminum boat.

The rear battery compartment is spacious and opens towards the inside of the boat, which is useful if anglers need to investigate any on-the-water issues.

Examine the Ranger RT188P in greater detail.

Vexus AVX1880: $29,048

After the sale of Ranger Boats to the White River Marine Group, aka Bass Pro Shops, Forrest L. Wood, the former management and original owner, founded Vexus Boats. Vexus broke ground on a new boat manufacturing plant in 2017, and twelve months later, they shipped their first aluminum boats to dealers.

Despite the fact that this is a relatively new boat brand, the design and manufacturing are supported by many years of experience – over 50 in fact.

The fiberglass-infused hull is one of the more intriguing aspects of a Vexus boat. While the hull is entirely made of aluminum and contains no wood, the compartments, console, bow panel, livewells, and other interior features are made of fiberglass. This is an aluminum boat that has the feel of a fiberglass boat.

I examined these Vexus aluminum models closely and can say that the design is impressive. You can tell these people fish and know what bass anglers want.

This model has a pad hull as well. Because of the design, this aluminum boat has a high performance hull, similar to a fiberglass boat, and offers anglers similar handling.

Without a doubt, the Vexus 1880 is a serious fishing machine.

Triton 179TRX: $29,995

Source: Boats.com

This is the first boat on the list that is entirely made of fiberglass. This agile model is ideal for anglers who prefer to fish in smaller areas or who want to maneuver in and out of areas where larger boats cannot. Here’s a comparison of fiberglass and aluminum boats.

The entire boat is made of wood-free composite and has built-in navigation lights on either side of the bow.

This boat has many of the same features and amenities as the higher-priced Triton models. The Res-Q retractable boarding ladder, recessed foot pedal for the trolling motor, high-capacity insulated livewells, and nitrogen-filled lift lids are just a few examples.

The 179TRX can also be equipped with a smaller 90hp 4-stroke engine. This saves $1,760 on the total cost. I always advise buyers to go with the largest motor rated for the boat. I’ve never met anyone who was dissatisfied with getting the highest rated motor, but I’ve met a lot of boat owners who were dissatisfied with getting a motor that was too small.

Consider the Triton 179TRX.

Nitro Z17 : $27,595

Source: Nitro Boats

The White River Marine Group includes Nitro, as well as Tracker, Ranger, and Triton.

Many of you have probably seen a sleek Nitro Z17 at your local Bass Pro Shops.

Nitro has come a long way in the last few years. They have traditionally been priced as a more affordable option in the fiberglass bass boat market, but features and benefits have increased significantly, and Nitro now offers some nice rigs that will compete across the market.

As previously stated, the Z17 is a fiberglass bass boat with impressive storage space for a boat of this length. When looking for gear, the front deck lids all have pistons to keep them upright. This is a frequently overlooked feature, but if your lids lack pistons, simple tasks become much more difficult.

Anglers will have plenty of fishing space in this 17’4′′ bass boat, which has a 32sq ft front deck.

Last Thoughts

If you’re looking for a bass boat but don’t want to make large monthly payments, here are five options that might work for you and your wallet.

Spend time researching, scouring the Internet, and watching a lot of YouTube videos.

Go kick the proverbial tires if you have a dealer nearby. There are even plenty of independent bass boat dealers who will take you for a quick test drive if there is water nearby.

Read this article to find out more choices for Cheap Bass Boats.