Looking for the cheapest bass boat to buy? Many anglers across North America have their sights set on owning a bass boat of their own someday. It’s not hard to see why these boats are so popular given the size of their raised casting decks, the amount of storage space they provide for tackle, and their ability to navigate the shallow weedy waters where big bass thrive.

The price tags that frequently accompany top-of-the-line boats that are tournament ready can be a bit more difficult to swallow than the boats themselves. The steep price that is being asked is, in the opinion of many anglers, simply unreasonable.

However, bass boats do not have to be prohibitively expensive. It is possible to get out on the water for a lot less money than you might think, provided that you are willing to forego some of the more opulent amenities and select a vessel with a more modest engine. Here is a list of five cheap bass boats that don’t cost more than $20,000 total.

What are the actual going rates for Bass Boats?

The price range for bass boats is typically between $20,000 and $45,000, with most falling somewhere in that range. That’s not to say there aren’t any bass boats available at a lower price.

A price tag of approximately $10,000 is to be expected for the cheapest, most fundamental bass boat that is currently available.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most luxurious bass boat money can buy will set you back about one hundred thousand dollars.

Top 5 Cheapest Bass Boat

Crestliner TC 18

Crestliner’s TC 18 is marketed as a bass and crappie fishing boat, and it can accommodate outboard motors with a maximum horsepower of 115. The boat features massive raised casting decks, an 18-gallon live well in the bow, and a 22-gallon live well in the stern. You can get out on the water for less than 20,000 dollars if you purchase a standard Mercury 40, a fish finder, and a MotorGuide trolling motor, and that price even includes a trailer.

Length: 18 feet 3 inches

Beam: 92.3”

The weight when dry is 1,126 pounds.

Hull: Aluminum

Power as standard: 40 horsepower

Maximum power: 115 hp

MSRP: $16,277

Lowe Stinger 178

Source: iBoat

The Lowe’s Stinger 178 gives you a lot of boat for your money thanks to its dual bow and stern live wells that are each 24 gallons in capacity, its large raised casting decks, its ample rod storage, its standard MotorGuide bow-mount electric trolling motor, its Lowrance Hook 3x fish finder, and its trailer. All of these features come standard. You can give the boat your own unique flair by selecting from a comprehensive list of available customization options. Read more about Lowe Stinger 178 on the manufacturer’s page.

Length: 17 feet 8 inches

Beam: 94”

Weight without water: 1,199 lbs.

Hull: Aluminum

Standard Power: fifty horsepower

Maximum power: 90 hp

MSRP: $19,138

Ranger Tournament RT178

cheapest bass boat
Source: Ranger Boats

There is a reason why the Ranger brand has been referred to as the “Cadillac” of freshwater fishing boats for several decades. However, not a lot of anglers are aware that the cheapest boats in the RT series cost less than $15,000. The Ranger Tournament RT178 comes equipped with a Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder, a Minn Kota bow-mount electric trolling motor, a live well, plenty of storage space, an on-board dual pro battery charger, and a custom trailer, among other features. Additionally, it is a Ranger.

Length: 17 feet 8 inches

Beam: 92”

Weight without moisture: 1,075 pounds

Hull: Aluminum

Power as Standard: 20 horsepower

Maximum power: 75 hp

MSRP: $16,595

Stratos VLO 176

There are some anglers who don’t consider a boat to be a bass boat unless it has a fiberglass hull and ride on it. Those individuals will be overjoyed to learn that the Stratos VLO 176 can be purchased for less than our price point of $25,000, and there is still room for upgrades. Included as standard equipment are a Minn Kota bow-mount trolling motor, a Lowrance Hook 3x fish finder, a matching trailer, and a 60 horsepower outboard motor.

Length: 17 feet 6 inches

Beam: 85.5”

Weight without water: 1,200 lbs.

Hull: Fiberglass

Standard Power: sixty horse power

Maximum power: 75 hp

MSRP: $16,095

175 Scale Tracker Pro Team TXW

Source: Tracker Boats

Although the casting deck in the stern of the Tracker pro Team 175 TXW is sizable, it is dwarfed by the massive elevated front deck that measures 32 square feet. This model comes standard with a centerline rod storage that can accommodate poles up to eight feet in length, a 16-gallon live well, four large storage compartments, a Minn Kota electric motor, a Lowrance fish finder, and a custom trailer. In addition, there is a lengthy option list that includes a variety of other enticing extras from which to select.

Length: 17 feet 7 inches

Beam: 89”

Weight without moisture: 1,009 pounds

Hull: Aluminum

Standard Power: sixty horse power

Maximum power: 75 hp

MSRP: $12,695