Looking for the best cheap bass boats? Some bass boats are more expensive than other types of boats of the same size, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good bass boat at a reasonable price.

In fact, many modern, high-quality bass fishing machines cost less than the average new car ($36,718 in 2019, according to Edmunds), which appears to be a reasonable cut-off point when determining affordability. Check out our Boat Loan Calculator to see how a specific boat’s MSRP translates into monthly payments, then create a budget that works for you and your personal finances.

To get started, look through these affordable bass boat models to make sure you’re on the right track.

7 Cheap Bass Boats Option

1700 Storm Crestliner

cheap bass boats
Source: Crestline Boats

If you want a no-frills bass boat and don’t need competition-level speed, the Crestliner 1700 Storm might be right for you. The list price is under $13,000, and the boat can be fairly well equipped with a stock 20-horse outboard for under $15,000, or you can up the ante and get a 40- or 50-horse outboard while still staying under $20,000. If you want to run at speeds in the mid-30 mph range, the Storm can take even more power, with a maximum rating of up to 60.

Aside from power, the Storm provides the essentials for fishing, such as a 17-gallon livewell, a foot-pedal controlled electric trolling motor, and a bow stowage compartment with fitted slots for three removable tackleboxes.

To learn more, go to Crestliner.

2400 G3 Sportsman

One issue with most bass boats is that they are only designed for a couple of people, so what should a serious angler with a large family do? Check out the G3 Sportsman 2400, which can seat 10 peopleā€”more than double the average bass boat. With a length of 23’11” and a beam of 8’5″, this is the largest boat in our roundup, but the list price with a Yamaha F150 outboard is still well under $32,000.

While the Sportsman 2400 is too large to be considered a competition-style bass boat, the fact that you can fish with your spouse and as many children as you want at the same time means that family-oriented bass anglers will appreciate this option.

To learn more, go to G3 Boats.

178 Lowe Stinger

The aluminum-hulled Stinger 178 has all-welded construction, extruded gunwales and a one-piece keel, and a built-in 19-gallon fuel tank. The most surprising aspect of this rig is how many hard-core fishing features are included in the stock boat (which costs just under $22,000), including a 23-gallon bow and 30-gallon stern livewell, integrated tackle stowage with pull-out tackleboxes, locking rod lockers, pedestal-mount fishing seats, and an electric trolling motor with recessed foot-pedal control.

If you want a boat that has almost everything those fancy tournament rigs have at a fraction of the price, this could be the boat for you.

To learn more, go to Lowe Boats.

Renegade Lund 1875

Source: Lund Boats

The Lund 1875 Renegade (MSRP is just over $24,000 with a Mercury 75 ELP outboard and a Shoreland’r trailer) is an excellent choice for gear-head fishermen who never seem to have enough room. Rodracks hold three rigs up to nine feet long, and the bow rodbox holds eight more rods (two to eight feet and six to seven feet and six inches). The captain’s and passenger’s seat bases swing open to reveal a bulk stowage compartment, there are two more large stowage compartments in the aft deck (along with a livewell and battery box), three more bulk compartments in the foredeck, and an additional stowage space built into the bow step.

Bring the entire tackle shop with you.

The Nitro Z17

With a starting price of slightly more than $27,000, the Nitro Z17 is a very affordable way to get into a fiberglass bass boat with plenty of power and speed. The standard outboard is a 115-horsepower Mercury FourStroke with a top speed of more than 50 MPH. So it’s also a great option for you who are looking for a fast bass boat.

The package includes a trailer as well as the high-priced items required for tournament fishing, such as a 23-gallon livewell with aeration and a timer, a bow-mount electric trolling motor, and a flush-mount fishfinder.

Ranger Z175.

Source: Yacht and Sea

The Ranger Z175 is one of the more expensive options we consider affordable, but the MSRP still places this bass fishing machine well below the average cost of a new car. What exactly do you get for that kind of money? With a 115-horsepower outboard, a custom-matched Ranger Trail trailer with a swing-away tongue and Road Armor protectant, and all the fishing goodies you want and need in a serious tournament-level bass boat, this boat has a top-end in the upper 40 MPH range and a cruise in the mid-30s.

The Z175 package also includes stainless-steel compression latches, gas-assist struts on the hatches, an onboard Dual Pro battery charger, and aluminum wheels with a trailer spare. That means this boat will be sought after by anglers who demand high quality and are willing to pay a premium for it. Do you want to see the Z175 in all of its glory?

Skeeter ZX150

The Skeeter ZX150 starts at slightly more than $36,000, just barely under our price limit. But we’re glad it made the cut because, with the Yamaha SHO V Max VF150 on the transom, it hits mid to upper 50 MPH and is the fastest bass boat competitor in this roundup.

The Humminbird Helix 5CHIRP fishfinder/GPS flush-mounted at the helm, oversized side-bolstered seats with headrests, tilt-hydraulic steering, a 70-pound-thrust electric trolling motor, and a remote drain plug are also standard. If you want to be the first angler to the hotspot while using a bass boat that is reasonably priced, the ZX150 is a good choice.