Best lures for baitcaster-What lures should I use on a baitcaster? Have you ever considered the following question? Or do you cast any lure available on your baitcaster and concentrate solely on fishing productively?

Baitcasters are an important tool in the arsenal of many bass fishermen. Bait casters can be used in most tactics and applications, but not all. If you use the wrong reel for the wrong tactics, your fishing day could end in disaster.

Best Lures for Baitcaster

best lures for baitcaster
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Overall, we recommend combining baitcaster with lures weighing more than 18 of an ounce. There are seven common types of fishing lures that can be used with bait casters: Topwater, soft plastic, spinnerbait, crankbait, buzzbait, swim jig, and large swimbait are all popular baitcaster lures.


Most topwater lures can be equipped with baitcasters for longer casts, allowing you to cover more water spots in less time. Furthermore, when catching fish with topwater near cover, we recommend controlling the spool with your thumb. This results in more accurate casts.

Soft Plastic

Bass are sometimes caught using soft plastics such as bait flukes or worms. This fishing activity frequently necessitates a high level of accuracy at specific casting locations. Then, select one type of soft plastic lure to be thrown on a baitcaster. You’ll be surprised at how well the equipment catches bass.

Due to their weedless nature, people use speed worms as soft plastics to fish near dense vegetation in a standard setup. However, bait casters and soft plastic lures are a better choice for casting braid and enduring the heaviness of braided fishing line in order to be faster and more accurate.

Spinning lure

A spinnerbait is typically larger than a standard lure. As a result, it is critical to purchase a reel that can handle larger amounts of fishing line. Furthermore, combining spinnerbaits and baitcasters improves castability with longer casts.


Crankbait fishing is done repeatedly with a variety of lure sizes. As a result, a large crankbait must be cast with a massive baitcasting reel. However, for smaller crankbaits, we still recommend using a baitcaster. The heavier reels are incapable of handling the richer reels, and you will become fatigued during the fishing day as a result of this repetitive, exhausting fishing technique.

Crankbait fishing entails reeling in a variety of lures in a somewhat repetitive manner.

Buzz Bait

The buzz bait is another lure that can be used with your baitcasters. This type of lure is frequently used for fast and topwater fishing. Its higher gear ratio allows you to catch bass as soon as you start hooking up.

Remember that buzz bait fishing produces the best results when you target specific areas. In general, choose a baitcaster that includes buzz bait so that you can make more accurate casts.

Swim Jig

Because of their weedless nature, many anglers regard swim jigs as an ideal tactic for grass fishing and heavy cover. However, because these lures are typically bulky, you should cast them on larger capacity bait casters.

Big Swimbait

You should use caution when using late swimbait because it is heavier than many other models, especially when casting large swimbait with a baitcaster.

First and foremost, selecting more giant swimbaits necessitates the preparation of a comparable-sized bait caster capable of handling a load of fishing lines. Next, reeling a heavy swimbait can be exhausting, so use a higher gear ratio reel that requires less effort for every single turn of the reel handle. Finally, large swimbait fishing will become obsolete as lower-profile baitcasting preparation can help reduce fatigue.

Can I Cast a Baitcaster Using a Light Lure?

best lures for baitcaster
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Yes, you can use a baitcaster to cast light lures. However, lures weighing less than 18 ounces frequently cause distance and accuracy issues. Casting too soft lures causes baitcasters to develop negative resistance. Use small, lightweight finesse lures for spinning reels for the best fishing day.

Last Words

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We hope that our article has helped to answer your question, “What lures to throw on a baitcaster?” Although mastering bass fishing necessitates many factors such as intuition, experience, skill, and patience, having the right equipment will undoubtedly help.

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section or contact us. Have fun fishing!